Notice of pricing increase 2024

Dear customer(s)

We would like to inform you that we will increase our prices as of January 17th 2024. We want to inform you in advance so you can plan accordingly. We hope you understand that this decision was made reluctantly and is necessary for the viability of our business.

For our customers with ‘’QR’’ codes, the packages will also change and your balance will no longer correspond with the number of passages. This is why from January 17th, gift cards with the ‘’QR’’ codes will be accepted for trailers, motorcycle, 3 wheeled motorcycle and pedestrians/bicycles. It will be important to preserve your existing gift card and add funds so we won’t lose your dollars.


Here are 3 packages for options: note that the administration fees are included.

1- purchase of $126.00 for $130.00 credit (savings of $4) $12.60ea
2- purchase of $290.00 for $325.00 credit (savings of $35) $11.60ea
3- purchase of $530.00 for $650.00 credit (savings of $120) $10.60ea

Car and passengers: $13
6 wheeled trucks: $17
Small Bus 10 wheeled: $19
Small Bus 12 wheeled: $21
Motorhomes (-30ft): $17
Motorhomes (+30ft): $21
Crane / Bus: $35
3 wheeled motocycles: $10
Motorcycles: $6
Pedestrians / Bicycles (+5 years): $2
Trailers (per axle): $5

We would like to express our sincerest thanks for the trust you have in us and you renew our desire to offer you the best service possible.

The Management


And save up to 20%. Available for cars only.